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ACTA School teaches an actor how to act and audition specifically for the camera. The emphasis is on teaching an actor to be real and believable rather than pretending. We teach the fundamentals of how to "be" rather than "act". As well as learning their craft, students will be filmed acting out authentic Hollywood scripts. They will see their work played back in class and students will also be able to watch their filmed work online, via our website in a secure, password protected, on-screen environment.

Take The TestThe majority of acting teachers have some limited stage experience and teach film, TV and commercials from theory rather than experience. ACTA's founder Nick Meaney has "walked the walk" and worked in over 100 films, TV shows and commercials in Los Angeles for 15 years. Nick also studied with one of Hollywood's top acting coaches Stan Roth who taught the same techniques ACTA uses to Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. Being a classically trained actor (Graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts) he fully appreciates the value of traditional Drama/Dance/Voice training. However, most actors haven't had the luxury of being classically trained. So, when they audition for a Pepsi commercial, a part on EastEnders or a line in Harry Potter, they don't know what to expect, they normally aren't prepared and so usually don't book the job.

What most people don't realise about actors is that they spend more time auditioning for roles than they actually do working. Only 5% of the largest acting union in the USA, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) are "working" actors. Nowadays when people say they want to be an actor they usually mean they want to be in films, TV or commercials. Acting on a stage is invaluable experience, as is Free Introductory Acting Classsinging and dancing, but when was the last time you saw a character singing and tap dancing on Coronation Street? Acting for the camera is very different from stage performing and each has it's own merits depending on the desired outcome. Obviously not all the actors on TV are great or even good. However, they did manage to audition and get the job. Everyone is castable and has a "look" which can be cast in a production. So, if you can create a real character, you know how to audition for a part, have learnt how to act for the camera and can adapt to the different types of productions; your chances of getting the part will be far higher.

That's what ACTA School will teach you!

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